Soggy Doggy

Mobile DIY Self-Serve Pet Wash and “Woof”tique

All aboard the SOGGY DOGGY TROLLEY! We are a mobile DIY self-serve pet wash and retail store that is in a different location each day in order to bring our services to the most people in convenient locations across Albuquerque and the surrounding area. We have two first-come first-serve self-serve wash tubs.

SOGGY DOGGY IS FOR SALE! If you are interested in owning a unique turn-key business, contact us at


Are you tired of the dog hair clogging your drains or sick of cleaning up a muddy tub after your dogs? Professional groomers can be very expensive and often times dogs get nervous when they have to be strapped to a table and washed by a stranger. Come clean your dirty dog at our self-serve dog wash in a calm and controlled environment. Cats are welcome too!

We provide everything you need from two professional raised tubs with ramps, natural shampoos and conditioners, clean towels, ear wipes, professional air dryers, and more! Click on Services to find out more about our prices and services.

Retail “Woof”tique

Soggy Doggy has a small retail store (“Woof”tique) where you can find all the latest trends in doggie accessories. We sell dog collars, leashes, bow ties, hair ties, bandanas, dog toys, stickers, dog treats, and many other pet related items. You can even get gift cards for your friends and family! Come on in and shop until you drop!

Soggy Doggy supports local businesses and many of our products are Made in New Mexico and the majority in the USA. Check out our “Woof”tique page to find out more.

About Us

We are a local woman-owned business serving the Albuquerque and surrounding area. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and premiere experience. Our company was born out of love for animals, especially dogs, and we are dedicated to helping pets and their humans live healthier and happy lives.

We are also committed to giving back to our community and host fundraisers and provide free baths for local non-profits such as canine search and rescue teams, animal rescues groups, and others. Click on About Us to find out more.

HEALTH AND SAFETY –Soggy Doggy is committed to providing a safe and clean environment for you and your pet. We have two separate bath stations separated by a wall.  We also sanitize the tubs after each wash and are continually cleaning all other surfaces.