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Services and Pricing

The Soggy Doggy Trolley will be parked in many convenient locations in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. We don’t come to you, you come to us. See our About Us page for Special Event options.

Soggy Doggy has everything you need for you to wash your pet and we will clean up for you! No more washing dirty towels, drying off your wet floors, or cleaning dog hair out of your drains. Soggy Doggy makes it easy with our large ergonomic steel tubs with ramps, adjustable heights inside the tubs for smaller dogs, and an escape free zone (for the dogs).  We have professional high velocity air dryers that dry your pet off quickly. Our wash tubs are first-come first-serve, no appointment necessary. See below for more details on our prices and services.

Prices for Self-Serve Pet Wash are as Follows:

Small (<20 lbs) (e.g chihuahua, pug, toy poodle) = $10

Medium (20 – 50 lbs) (e.g. corgi, beagle, border collie) = $15

Large (50+ lbs) (e.g. retriever, lab, shepherd)= $20

Each Self-Serve Pet Wash comes with the following:

  • Professional stainless steel wash bin with a ramp for easy access.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – Soggy Doggy uses Earthbath natural shampoos and conditioners which are made in the USA, cruelty free, vegan, nontoxic, and biodegradable.
  • Clean towels
  • Use of high velocity professional dryers
  • Ear wipes
  • Waterproof aprons
  • Use of Zoom Groom Kong Brushes and other brushes

House Rules for Self-Serve Pet Wash:

  • Soggy Doggy requires all pets entering our facilities to be up to date on vaccinations.
  • Pets with flea infestations must be treated prior to entering our facilities.
  • All dogs must be on a 6-foot or shorter leash or in carriers at all times and under the control of an adult.
  • Pets must never be left unattended while in our facilities.
  • For the safety of all our clients, disruptive and/or aggressive dogs may be asked to leave, at management’s discretion.
  • Children under 16 years must be attended by and under the supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times.
  • Last wash is 1/2 hour before closing.
  • To ensure we can accommodate all our customers needs, we ask that you limit your tub use to 1/2 hour.

HEALTH AND SAFETY –Soggy Doggy is committed to providing a safe and clean environment for you and your pet. We have two separate bath stations separated by a wall.  We also sanitize the tubs after each wash and are continually cleaning all other surfaces.